Ahmet Şavli


Şavli was born in 1987 in Mardin. Throughout his young age, he moved around in different cities of Turkey such as Gaziantep and Samsun for educational purposes. He is currently doing his postgraduate degree at Ondokuz Mayıs University while practicing in his own workshop. He does mixed media artwork and digital paintings.  Traces of Social Realism is highly apparent in his work. State of fear, hope, patience, and alienation becomes the inner mechanisms for his paintings. Şavli employs vibrant colors in order to deliver emotions. He contributes to the well-being of the Eastern art scene in Turkey through engaging in alternative exhibitions and symposiums. Şavli entered to the International Symposium and Exhibition on Arts & Aesthetics in April 2018 in the city of Elazığ, and represented a new approach on the topic of  "Digital Coding as a Vessel to Contemporary Art".

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