Alican Pınarbaşı


Alican Pınarbaşı was born in Kayseri, 1991. He studied Ceramic and Glass Art department at Erciyes University. Later on, he followed his interest in painting and switched departments. He is currently studying Painting at Fine Arts Faculty in Erciyes University. He had exhibitions in Ankara and Kayseri. He previously the editorship and management of Sacco & Vanzetti Artbook independent magazine. He sums up his style in one question: "If we could create a space based on the intensity of our dreams, what would that place look like?". The main theme of his paintings is the meta-fetish man of modern capitalism. According to Pınarbaşı, The self is in an perpetuating crisis because it is not able to move away from the dichotomy of the cultural codes and his innate needs. This is why the modern man is impotent to question the true nature of things. Media and politics act as a replacement of the fundamental truth, thus mankind is doomed to live and feed on the capitalist mythologies. Dreams are places where cultural codes and even language becomes meaningless and traditionally the dream space is designated to unconsciousness. Pınarbaşı reimagines this space and builds an alternative narrative to the act of dreaming.

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