Batuhan Keskiner


Batuhan Keskiner, born in 1991, working and living in Istanbul. Studied Physics for 2 years then Graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Photography Department. Currently he is working on his photography project, Sehir Heykelleri, (The City Sculptures) traveling all around Anatolia for documenting sculptures and collective memory.

Introduction To Keskiner and His Work:

I am a graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Photography, Bachelor of Arts. I argue that photography should be produced slowly. In this era where photography is rapidly consumed, I am interested in making singular, distant and large format images. Instead of being a hunter photographer, I am interested in, calmly produced fictional images in order to create the story that I want to tell. I want the audience to look at my photos for a long time and find things on their own by exploring the small details. I think the multi-layered nature of the photography create different stories and meanings for every individual viewer. This ambiguous condition excites me a lot about the photography.

In my photographic work, I am usually trying to explore the relationship between space and objects and their social indicators. Besides that, I am mostly working on topics such as the sense of place, sense of belonging and the act of looking. The main approach I have in my photography production is to simulate the act of looking. The object I want to draw attention to is mostly in the middle of the frame. I am trying to maintain the frame setting in order to enhance the effect of being exposed to the subject.

In addition to these, I print my photographs in large sizes to provide this wide viewing area. Besides that, it helps me to draw attention to the small details that completes the photographs.

I have started working on a project called "New World Order". It's a project about the contemporary problems of modern day people such as immigration, consumption habits, environment, social media, LGBT rights. But unlike other documentary photography projects, I want to document the collateral outcomes of all these social problems from a distant and with satiric perspective. I am trying to travel more and taking photos from all around the world in order to create a universal addressing  to my project. My next goal after finishing the project is making a photo book.

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