Çağla Bölek


Born in 1995, based in İstanbul, Çağla Bölek is a young artist who produces creative work in painting, photography, poetry and art writing. She studies English Literature and Art Management at Yeditepe University. She builds up her works on magical realism, abstractionism, and surrealism.

Her first group exhibition "Creased or Cramped; an Experimentation in Interplanetary Poetry" was in June 2018 at KargART, she displayed her abstract paintings along with her surrealist poems.

Çağla whose poetry and translations published in various magazines worked as an art organizer and art writer. She is still writing for arts at "Yabangee" online news site and produces visual poetry.

Çağla's work attempts to hear the formless callings of the subliminal and collective unconscious and tries to cramp the creative force, higher states of mind, feeling of oneness, and bizarre aesthetics into canvases, words and collages. After her creative period of merging paintings and poems together, she began to focus mainly on digital visual poetry and harmonizing photography with verses.

Aiming to merge poetry and visual arts into the melting pot, she keeps searching and trying new combinations to give the utmost effect on her creative areas.

Examining the moments that reality bends and where our authenticity occurs. She defends our playful divinity and aims to extend the poetic and visualize poetic experience.

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