Daria Avdeeva


Avdeeva is a Russian painter currently based in Barcelona and pursuing a master degree in Cultural Management. She is a highly international person lived and trained in many countries such as; Emirates, Italy and Bulgaria. 

Daria Avdeeva's commentary on her style: 

"In my work, I try to combine the traditional techniques of painting, personal views on life and my feelings. The formats aren't usually huge due to the technique and the intimacy of the moments that I like to portray. I am very much influenced by artists like Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Caravaggio, and Sandro Botticelli. Each of them has a unique style and way of seeing the world. I try to preserve the classical Italian technique, that has inspired me to paint the works that you see. The technique has a lot of layers, texture and requires a lot of time. The strong contrasts and soft forms are very typical for the technique as well. Apart from the classical compositions and colors, I am very fascinated by the symbolism. For this movement, vagueness and mystic hints are very usual. Most of my symbolics have quite simple meanings that can be understood by everyone: love, youth, wealth, masculinity, femininity and more... I want to show with my work that it is possible to combine the tradition and self- expression as well as the world of great art and everyday life."