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Kosacki is a multidirectional artist from Poland. He is a student at Intermedia Direction at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He practices installation projects, performance art, photography, and videography. His strong interest in politics and sociology assists him to follow a unique direction in artistry. He previously collaborated with the students from Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts in Jerusalem and formed performative, site-specific, and contextual workshops called "Aesthetics & Bias". Kosacki aims to document the world on multiple levels. 

Performance Art: LOCKER/SZAFKA

The Reconstruction of Chris Burden's Performance: Five Days Locker Piece 22 - 27.01.2015

Chris Burden is an American artist, dealing with performance and sculpture. In the 70s he created a series of drastic and controversial performances. His first performance was ''Five Days Locker Piece'' in which for five days he locked himself in a school locker, with dimensions of 30" x 30 "x 40", at the University of California, Irvine in 1971.

"For five days in the Option Gallery, I made a series of actions, in which individuals reproduce their own activities while staying in the Locker. I locked myself in the locker for a whole day. During this time, I was cut off from electronics and the reality that surrounds me every day. Being locked in the Locker, I carried a notebook and poured my thoughts that bothered me onto paper. I read "Tibetan Book of the Dead". I was educating myself in the direction of Eastern culture.

In 11.02.2015 was the opening of the exhibition called "Kombucha" in the Gallery of Contemporary Art Bunkier Sztuki. There were also works made by artists from Africa and Poland, including my object LOCKER/SZAFKA. Also, I recreated once again my 24-hour action, which was recorded and monitoring by camera and voice recorder."

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