Ece Nada


Ece Nada is an installation artist and a painter from Istanbul. She had her art education in Florence and London. She works on the interrelated subjects of; nothingness/nada and female sexuality. 

She gets inspiration from the feeling of nothingness as an existential problem and the mind of an "insane" person, a disorderly individual. She interprets the mind as a machine that no longer works "properly". Aiming to blend nothingness with female sexuality, she makes use of the fund of knowledge she gained during her bachelor education in English Literature. She examines literary texts and articles to see how women and their sexuality are described. Embedded in her works are her personal experiences that are rewritten narratives.

In her works, she uses deadwood branches and leaves, pieces of fabric cut from disused clothes, plastic bags etc. She uses "worthless" materials that most of the people do not pay attention to and see as rubbish. Using these "good for nothing" materials in the work and transforming them in a way that they can no longer be recognized as the rubbish they were; she turns them into things to be looked at, they gain a role in an artwork. The reason why she chooses natural materials such as leaves and branches is that she thinks that dead nature better expresses the idea behind her works, keeping in mind that nature has been frequently used in relation to the descriptions of female and chaotic, uncontrollable, illogical characters in literature.

For her installations, she uses mostly found materials within the gallery and/or the studio she works in. For example, the installation she made in London comprised only of found materials. Whereas, the installation ("The Void & Me: Happily Ever After") she made for her latest exhibition in Istanbul (Hush Gallery/Hostel) is comprised of disused bed sheets of the gallery/hostel.

Currently, she is working on installation projects based on selected novels and her own "stream of consciousness" texts.

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