Gabriel Vorbon


I was born in the early 90s and grew up in various cities of Turkey; moved to Istanbul in 2011
 to start my computer engineering academic period but immediately I realized that it wasn't for me. Then next year I quitted my department and started fashion photography and modeling in the same year. Having scenes on both side of the camera taught me a lot and gave the opportunity to make empathies and improve my abilities. I've done various internships with many photographers. In 2015 I started to study Interior Architecture, in the same year, I was sure that the word 'produce' is one of the keywords of my life. I found myself using geometrical details a lot in my photography works after I started to absorb perspective of architectural ideas. In 2017 I moved to Barcelona and got experience in fashion/art industry there. I'm a big fan of analog photography, many of my works made by with analog cameras to catch the unique texture of film format. Generally, my works have focused on a dramatic aesthetic of the people and show them in cinematographic ways.

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