Hürcan Köse


I have studied English Language and Literature. I am a half-time artist who has the desire to become a full-time one. I currently work as a freelancer community manager. I've recently fled from the chaotic city life of Istanbul and settled in a nice seaside town. My art journey has always been a dark one. After my 5 years of study in English Literature, I explored the greater, almost endless lines of the gothic literature and it became a great inspiration for me. I don't necessarily create art for the audience. I basically draw what I feel.

I always had a curiosity for the dark arts and witchcraft. While studying the darker parts of the history of humanity, I explored the twisted and dark desires of human beings. My art aims to express the human condition which is twisted, dark and erotic. I mostly use colors as background, or in some minor cases, to deliver a message. My work has layers meanings waiting to be explored. The digital drawings ultimately gives the painting a cyber vibe which I love because, it turns into something more than art. A virus, a glitch in the system. In the end you feel that this art piece has bad intentions. My ultimate aim is to give my art the dark character, which we all hide from ourselves.

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