Mariam Osipov


Mariam Osipov is a Moldovian independent photographer raised in Istanbul. She is currently studying Chemical Engineering at Yıldız Technical University. She solemnly uses analog machines and defends the fact that analog photography is superior in the sense that it is able to capture the essence of the subject better than digital photography. Observing, capturing, washing, creating... All this process of the analog photography is kind of a personal meditation for her.  The photos on display in our website are from her series "The Resurrection " and the last two photos are belonging to a different series called "My People". Both of these series were captured by Minolta x500 Analog with a 50mm lens, the film which was used is Kodak T-max 400. 

"The Resurrection"  is a highly intimate series. Osipov states that: "The individuals in our society gradually getting more choleric, anxious or indifferent to each other. The Resurrection is my reaction to the current state of the Western civilization. I reveal despise and disappointment through ancient sculptures of the West. Sculptures exist within their space and history. They are the gatekeepers of an aspect of humanity that can no longer be repaired. All the restoration work for the appearance may recover the damaged pieces but the lost essence cannot be recovered.". She purposely used black&white film in order to bring out a deeper question: Can there be gray zones? or humanity consists of blacks and whites? 

Osipov previously worked on her project "My People" which contains portrait shoots and now she is working on a photo book called "Consumption". 

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