Nadine Guerreiro Lionsdine


Guerreiro was born in Halterm Am See, Germany. At the age of five, she and her family moved back to Portugal's Alentejo region where they are originally from. She currently lives and works in Barcelona. Nadine was always interested in the arts. She graduated from Science of Arts & Heritage degree at Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Lisbon. Later on, she worked as a lab technician at the Archeology Museum of Catalunya, Barcelona. As a result of her work, she is constantly in touch with archeological artifacts and also gained experience in conservation/restoration. Naturally, being able to professionally recognize the historical and anthropological value of the objects affected her creative construction. Guerreiro gives products in several areas of visual art such as; painting, photography, sculpture, installation and digital arts over 9 years. Her art practice is influenced by nature and her expression is inspired by great figures in art history such as Andre Breton. She engages in the Surrealist thought of Psychic Automatism and Biomorphism. In a world where the aesthetic expression is a condition of humanity. The cultural impact response is inevitable. Guerreiro interestingly develops her expression in the middle of science and art. Her art practice successfully becomes a bridge between two worlds.

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