Özge Enginöz


Özge Enginöz is an internationally active and a dedicated visual artist born in Balıkesir 1981, graduated from Yıldız Technical University Art and Design Faculty, Arts Programme in 2010. She is currently working in her workshop and living in Istanbul.

Enginöz's Statement on Her Artwork:

"I'm combining collages that I generated in different places by using natural and artificial materials, which are playing the place and the meaning of the objects. I'm creating diaries where I bring together the words and images. Picture, video, and assemblages are the disciplines that support the baseline. The common trait of my artworks, the objects spoils the stability of the species. I suggest to look at natural and artificial objects closely and in different angles, aside from cultural context, by gathering them in unusual shapes."

She previously participated in numerous exhibitions and event:  The Art Center Residence for 2 years in Istanbul. Her personal Project; 'Damage multiple', Krank art gallery, 2018. 2016 ''Loop''-Turning world-Fragments and Questions, Blokartspace, 2016, Istanbul. "For restless spirits...", Artnivo, 2016, Istanbul. "Not Quite As Though", Mixer.2013, Istanbul. "Catchword", Edisyon, 2011, Istanbul. ''Immortality'' Adahan Hotel, 2018, Istanbul. ''X''. Endless Art Taksim. 2018, İstanbul. Printed' 17 ''Multiplier effect'' Mixer. 2017, Istanbul."How far am I from the city center?"Bring Your Art, 2016. Istanbul. ''Stay with me '', Universal Hospitality, Meet Factory and Futura Gallery, 2016, Prague. ''Stay Wit Me'', 21er Haus, Belvedere Museum, 2016. Vienna . "low pressure" Kare Sanat, 2016. Istanbul. 

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