Serap Kökten


 Serap Kökten was born in İstanbul, Turkey, on May 31. She attended the Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts and graduated from the Department of Plastic Arts. The Rh+ Art magazine, YKY Art World and some articles in Hürriyet Show magazine included her artworks. Her portfolio has been the subject of the symposium article: "Many Esthetic Recommendations for the Collectors" which was presented at Ankara University, Faculty of Languages and History-Geography, Department of Art History, VII. International Young Art Historians Symposium. Some of her works were included in the book 'Contemporary Rhetoric of Aesthetics' by author Necmi Karkin published in 2016 and used as the cover photo. "Geography is Destiny" named work was used as a visual example in the book introduction published on independent news site T24 by author Murat Bjeduğ for the book "Cereyanlar" by author Tanıl Bora. The same year writer Murat Bjeduğ published in his columns at T24 independent news website "Light beyond consciousness: About Serap Kökten and her art and in 2018 "Immortality's Dance"

Many of her works are in private collections. She is a member of Lebriz Online Art Portal. The artist continues to create and exhibit art at her own workshop in Istanbul.

Serap Kökten's commentary on her artwork:

"I emphasize what has been pushed into the unconscious and poke the invisible, knowing the fact that the society cannot provide solutions for the depressed people. The instantaneous collapses and spiritual elevations revealing the tide inside oneself which integrates with the canvas. All these states manifest themselves in imaginary forms and all the details of the tangible ideas combine with the guiding strength of the symbols. 

The traces of our cultural elements, symbolic images that are carried like intellectual rituals of Charles Baudelaire, Albert Einstein, İbn-i Sina, Ömer Hayyam, Charlie Chaplin, Herakleitos, Friedrich Nietzsche or İbn-i Haldun... :

The reality waiting to be discovered in the twilight rather than the one visible in the daylight

The image/representation that is presented to us is far from being a constant and absolute. It is what we want to see and what we make of it. A dynamic interrogation of the soul and sometimes a unity of all these contradictions. To express abstract thoughts with symbols is what is left from this ancient journey of humanity. One should refrain from realities, aesthetic traditions and rules, this is how you become part of this imaginary play."

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