Sinan Dağ


Sinan Dağ is a Turkish painter based in Ankara. He was born in 1989. Graduated from the Faculty of Art at Gazi University in 2013.  He started to produce interdisciplinary artworks, especially paintings, since the foundation of Nedensanat Atelier in 2008 and has exhibited his works at both solo and collective exhibitions.

Dağ's Statement on His Artwork:

"The stories of hundreds of characters lay within my paintings. Characters I draw are the ones that prefer to stay away from popular culture and embrace simple and plain lifestyles, who are only after satisfying their basic needs. Yes, even they have stories. I brought their stories to life by taking them out from the most secret parts of my memories and their memories and reflecting those on different surfaces.

If we elaborate on the "Transformation Series", it consists of memories of people who believe that their position in life has changed due to the effects of either huge events that dragged them or little movements. While these characters are leaving their humane forms behind, they seem to cannot get rid of their moral and human values, such as taboos. While the imageries and symbols that I use help us to understand the connection between space and time, they also cause us to load values to the characters and question their positions. The motto of the "transformation series" can be the feeling of longing to nature and primitive self that is hidden behind the elaborate questioning of time, space and values."