Taha Sertaç Gezer


Taha is a 27 years old freelance illustrator. Born in Konya - home of Rumi and the dervishes-, based in Istanbul. He has made the cover and inside illustrations for various magazines and books using different techniques and materials. His works are dark and surreal. He studied Civil Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. His works carry the visual influences from Beksinski, Dali, Harry Clark, and Richey Beckett. Gezer creates a dystopian, dark atmosphere by taking inspiration from the narratives of Poe and Tolkien and DC/Marvel comics. He aims to express "fears" and "rotten sides" of the subconscious by drawing uncensored characters. In his leisure time, he studies the history of illustration and visual arts to improve the content of his drawing.

Here we include a special catalog on Gezer: