Ters Galeri

If any cultural practice bears the imperishable fingerprints of the elite, it is the visual arts. Ters Galeri is an art gallery based in Istanbul which counteracts with this idea that art is unreachable for the public.  The word "Ters" in Turkish literally means "Reverse.". This gallery is aiming to reverse the pre-established art gallery traditions and bring out a fresh perspective on the accessibility of the quality art. Erkan Duman, -the owner of the Ters Gallery- states that: "Every art lover should have the right to afford an original and a quality art piece."  He establishes affordable prices for genuine pieces from the senior Turkish artists such as Ahmet Özel, Ceylan Mutlu, Mustafa Karyagdı and Işıl Dural. Ters Gallery proves it's favorable position also by donating the 10% of monthly income to the civil society organizations and charity foundations.

TersGaleri aims to collect different styles of modern art pieces from a delimited number of artists to address the taste of a wide audience.

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