Zeynep Boztemir


Zeynep Boztemir was born in 1990 in Istanbul. She was always interested in the arts. Her interest gradually developed into a career. In 2012 she entered Istanbul Kemerburgaz University with a merit-talent based scholarship. During her studies, she was working with Kadir Ablak from the Turkish art scene. Zeynep developed herself in a unique way while she was the apprentice of Kadir Ablak. After her graduation, she earned several awards and gained her place in many exhibitions. She is currently working in her personal atelier in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Boztemir's compositions are in a certain Constructivist style. She likes to depict anatomies of buildings, factories and construction sites. She uses oil and acrylic paint on canvas. Boztemir's paintings reflect the psychosocial development of humanity within the frames of heavy architectural sites. She challenges the typical aesthetic figures of nature and aims to aestheticise different structures like; a skeleton of a building and inner mechanisms of colossal buildings. She names her collection of works as: "Discrepancy to Order". Boztemir realizes, how modern civilization creates and abandons these massive structures. The society tries to push off these images from their everyday scene and calls them "ugly". These structures become outcasts by the doings of their own creators. Boztemir cleverly invites the viewers to look at things from a different angle.

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